Meet the 2024
Community Impact Nominees

Meet the nominees for this year’s Community Impact Award for ECO IMPACT 2024. Their commitment and dedication have established them as leaders in the environmental sector.

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Alberta Ecotrust

Alberta Ecotrust, an environmental charity that leads urban climate change action, was founded in 1991 to inspire healthy ecosystems for all Albertans. With a mission to “partner across boundaries to mobilize and inspire those who champion and protect the environment”, Alberta Ecotrust forms partnerships between the corporate and environmental nonprofit sectors, builds trust, and combines big-picture thinking with boots-on-the-ground efforts. In partnership with Kambo Energy Group, Alberta Ecotrust Foundation is delivering Alberta’s first and only program to help homeowners reduce their energy costs and household emissions through a combination of education and targeted home upgrades.  The Home Upgrades Program is a residential deep energy retrofit program designed to help Albertans reduce their energy consumption and improve the affordability of their homes by providing fully subsidized energy retrofits and energy education.

Blue Futures Pathways – Students on Ice Foundation

As an endorsed action of the United Nations Ocean Decade, the Students on Ice (SOI) Foundation’s Blue Futures Pathways program connects youth and young people with education, employment, funding opportunities and community connections to inspire and support them in developing successful careers. Over the last 18 months, Blue Futures Pathways has focused on initiatives that not only foster environmental sustainability but also contribute to the well-being of communities and provide opportunities for youth to work in and explore the Sustainable Blue Economy.

Dexterra Community Initiatives – The Outland Youth Employment Program

Dexterra Community Initiatives is a non-profit organization incorporated to inspire action and develop opportunities with and for communities wherever Dexterra Group Inc. operates or has partnerships. The mission and vision of Dexterra Community Initiatives is to create a national network of thriving communities that provide safe, equitable, and green opportunities, and spaces where we work and live. Through the Outland Youth Employment Program, Dexterra Community Initiatives has emerged as a leader providing education, training and employment of Indigenous youth in the green space.

Earthware Reusables Inc.

Earthware Reusables Inc. is a social enterprise that offers a return-for-reuse zero-waste takeout container program in Calgary, Airdrie, Canmore and Banff, with plans for expansion in all Alberta municipalities. An agreement signed with the Alberta Bottle Depot Association makes Earthware the only return-for-reuse takeout container company in the world to work in tandem with a government-regulated beverage container deposit return system. Since the launch of the deposit model in March 2023, over 100,000 containers have been sold to nearly 50 food providers and thousands of containers have been returned to participating bottle depots for refunds. The returned containers are washed and sanitized to standards exceeding those required by health authorities, and then are resold to food service providers for reuse.

MEA Health

MEA Health is driven by a profound mission to revolutionize how medical waste is managed and contribute to both environmental sustainability and economic growth. Their vision is rooted in the responsible and innovative repurposing of medical waste materials, particularly personal protective equipment (PPE), preventing them from ending up in landfills. MEA Health has found a way to divert millions of pounds of essential PPE and other plastics from landfills and into valuable products. Their business focuses on engaging a circular and green economy by helping their suppliers create meaningful products from plastic waste.

SOMA Public Relations

SOMA Public Relations is on a mission to empower purpose-driven organizations, propelling them forward toward success through innovative, compelling, inspiring, and impactful community. Their vision is a world where cleaner, healthier environments and enriched lives are the norm. SOMA Public Relations sought to educate British Columbians about the importance of participating in the available programs for scrap tires, used motor oil, antifreeze, oil filters, and oil and antifreeze containers. Over 1,245 British Columbians engaged in meaningful conversations about recycling.

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