Senior Consultant & Assurance Practice Lead, SPAN Consulting

 An accomplished certified project manager and environmental and regulatory auditor (CEA), developing environment, health and safety and regulatory audit programs for many companies and industries, leading environmental audit teams, and helping companies design and implement effective assurance programs. 

Evan Baker has a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Geography from the University of Calgary granted in 1980 and 1985 respectively.  Over his career he has been involved in many aspects of environmental work, including soil surveys, environmental impact assessments, regulatory applications and management system development.  Evan started in the audit field in 1989 at Nova Corporation of Alberta, and has been involved in Environment, Health and Safety, and Operations Management System audits throughout his career since then.  He has conducted audits on oil and gas, pipeline, water and wastewater, rail, power plant, wind energy and chemical facilities.  Mr. Baker is currently leading audit and assurance program design and delivery services with SPAN Consulting in Calgary.  In 2020 Evan was awarded the ECO Canada Impact EP Auditor of the Year award.