Abdul Khogali

Director, New Venture Strategy | Newlab

Abdul has a technical background with a B.Sc. in pharmaceutical science and an M.EnvSc. in environmental science. Over the last ten years, he’s worked in multiple technical and commercial roles, with experience in phytochemistry, molecular genomics, environmental consulting, operations management, and business development.

In his current role, Abdul validates market opportunities within the biotechnology and materials space for Newlab as the Director of New Venture Strategy within the Venture Build Team. The Newlab Venture Build Team develops business concepts, funds ventures, recruits the founding team and supports entrepreneurs post-incorporation.

Most recently he was the COO of Genecis Bioindustries, a biotech startup based out of Toronto. The company creates PHAs, a form of biodegradable polymers, fermented from food waste. During his time with Genecis, he played a pivotal role in growing enterprise value by 15x in <3.5 years, bringing in millions in revenue from Fortune 500 companies in 2021, raising over $15M in financing, and growing the team from 7 friends in a 300 sq. ft. space to 30 experts across microbiology, engineering, and business development. The work Abdul and his team did garnered awards and accolades from BASF, Microsoft, Unilever, XTC, the Canadian Government, and many others. In addition to his work with Newlab, Abdul advises a number of Canadian-based cleantech and biotech startups, along with serving as a co-chair at GO!PHA, a worldwide organization that advocates and lobbies for the use of PHAs worldwide.