Alex Andrews

Master Trainer & Consultant | Crucial Learning

Alex Andrews, Facilitator, Coach, Organizational Development Leader

Alex is a leadership coach and trainer, and organizational development expert, who specializes in developing high performing leaders and workplace cultures.

As a Chartered Professional in Human Resources and a Senior Certified Professional, Alex has been both recognized and sought after for his knowledge on leadership, human resources and market trends. He is a regular contributor to human resource industry publications and a presenter at various events.

Alex is an experienced speaker, trainer, and facilitator who has worked with hundreds of individuals, from front-line staff to senior executives.He has facilitated sessions of up to 300 individuals from across North America in a variety of industries, including agriculture, oil and gas, technology, healthcare and financial services.

He has led organizations through the discovery, development and implementation of leadership and change management programs, which have yielded a more productive and engaged leadership team and workforce. These programs include leadership and talent development, performance management, communication, influence and change management, leadership coaching, succession planning, and more. Before becoming a leadership coach, Alex began his career in the energy sector working as a Financial Analyst. He then moved into Human Resources, working as an Analyst and Advisor, before leading a not-for-profit as the Executive Director. He then found his way into the agricultural industry as a Human Resources Business Partner, where he found a love for coaching and training individuals and building resilient organizations. This led him to learning and development, where he worked as the Manager of Organizational Development.

Alex is a native Calgarian, now living in Airdrie with his wife and five children.