Established in 2017, ECO IMPACT has become a cornerstone event for Canada’s Environmental Professionals. What began as a celebration of yearly achievements has evolved into a comprehensive platform that combines award recognition with professional development. 

ECO IMPACT 2024: What to Expect 

ECO IMPACT 2024 is segmented into two main components: 

  • Learning Series: Focusing on professional growth, this series facilitates peer-to-peer industry dialogues, offering insights into Canada’s latest environmental workforce trends. 

  • Awards Gala: Celebrating of our certified community, we spotlight Environmental Professionals who exemplify leadership, commitment, and innovation, driving the environmental sector forward. 
  • Compete for the prestigious EP® Award.
  • Network with EPs® from diverse regions.
  • Earn additional EP® credits through our learning sessions.
  • Stay updated with the latest environmental sector trends.
  • Applaud the achievements of peers and colleagues.
  • Experience the luxury of the Westin Hotel, complete with complimentary refreshments.


ECO IMPACT’s Mission 

Our primary goal is to celebrate and uplift Canada’s Environmental Professionals. Through ECO IMPACT, we offer professional development opportunities, diving deep into trending topics like Cleantech Innovation, Workforce Solutions, and Innovative Infrastructure Solutions. We’re dedicated to fostering growth, innovation, and collaboration in the environmental sector. 

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