About ECO Impact Awards

The ECO Impact Awards highlight the work of our certified community. Environmental Professionals (EPts, EPs, EP Auditors and Top Employers) who demonstrate leadership, commitment and innovation in the continuous advancements of the environmental sector.

Our new ECO Community Impact Award is shining a light on groups and individuals who have made a significant environmental impact within their communities through volunteering.

we're Going Virtual!

What does going virtual mean for you? We recognize that 2020 has been an unprecedented time and it is more important now than ever that we are present and supportive, and celebrate the accomplishments across Canada. Our virtual event will reflect the look and feel of our previous ECO Impact events in the comfort of your home or office. Since there is no travel needed, you can learn from leaders that represent every region and industry across Canada and network with peers 6,165 KM away, while saving on costs.

As an added benefit all of the technical content will be recorded and available on demand after the event. If you can’t make it to the live session you can still get the value of the event at your own time.

Nominations are OPEN!

It’s that time of year again! The time when we get to see the incredible things you have been doing in the industry! We’re now accepting nomination packages! Click the button below to submit your nominations package to be considered for ECO Impact 2022.


The awards were developed in 2017 to create visibility and recognition for the people who are leading the environmental sector in Canada – those with an EP, EP Auditor, or EPt designation, and the organizations that employ them. ECO Canada designates professionals that contribute to the innovation, sustainability and growth of the environmental sector. Our definition of an environmental professional is a progress-focused practitioner who works within a range of industries in Canada and ensures that the projects and work conducted provide an innovative and impactful solutions that advance the environmental sector.



Environmental Professional

EP auditor



Environmental Professional in-training

top employer

Companies employing EP, EP Auditor and EPt members.

ECO Community Impact Award

This category is open to individuals, groups or enterprise organizations such as non-profits, Indigenous communities and private-sector companies.

Nominees for the Community Impact Award do not have to be an EPt/EP/EP Auditor.

People | Planet | Profit - Finding The Balance

Canada is facing tough economic and environmental challenges. ECO Impact will explore how we can turn these challenges into opportunities, promoting innovation and technology to drive sustainable economic growth.

You’re invited to join us for a full day conference featuring plenary sessions and panel discussions focused on current trends and opportunities in Canada’s environmental sector. We will also be celebrating the successes and innovation of environmental professionals and employers with the ECO IMPACT Awards.

If you work in the Canadian environmental sector and you want to meet your peers, recognize innovation and excellence and learn some new skills, then this event is for you! You do not have to be an ECO Canada member to attend, everyone is welcome.



  • The nominee must be an EP, EP Auditor or EPt or in good standing.
  • The nominee is required to submit a project for evaluation to which they have directly contributed to as a leader or as an important team member.
  • The project will be judged by quality and impact of the contribution, demonstration of skills and professional attributes, critical thinking and decision making, project management and cross-collaboration, leading & influencing others, and business acumen.
  • For complete evaluation criteria, visit our submission page.


Organizations that are eligible must be operating their business within Canada for at least one year.

There are a few additional qualifications for this award:

  • The employer must have EP, EP Auditor and/or EPt member(s) under their employment and engage in environmental work or projects.
  • Submissions must be able to demonstrate that the employer is a leader in providing innovative, impactful and productive solutions to further the environmental sector, or have created/supported environmental awareness within their organization.
  • ECO Impact Award sponsors are not eligible for the Employer Impact Award (though their employees are eligible in the individual award categories).
  •  For complete evaluation criteria, visit our submission page.