Celebrate Excellence at ECO IMPACT 2024 Awards

Join us in recognizing the pioneers of Canada’s environmental sector. Nominate an individual, group, or community that’s making a significant impact.

EPt Award

The EPt Award celebrates an exceptional environmental professional-in-training whose fresh perspectives, innovative ideas, and passionate drive showcase the promise of a sustainable tomorrow. Recognizing the flame of dedication in those still at the dawn of their careers, this award spotlights the luminaries of our future. Nominate the rising star you know, and let’s nurture the next generation of environmental leaders!

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EP® Award

The EP® Award seeks to recognize an outstanding environmental professional whose dedication, innovation, and passion have made a monumental impact. This honour is not just an award but a testament to the relentless spirit of those who work tirelessly for a more sustainable tomorrow. Nominate a professional today and let their light inspire countless others!

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EP® Auditor Award

The EP® Auditor Award honours an exceptional environmental auditor whose rigorous assessments, unwavering standards, and keen insights ensure that businesses and organizations not only meet but exceed their commitments. By spotlighting these unsung heroes, we celebrate their pivotal role in safeguarding us and fortifying our future. Nominate the auditor who stands as a beacon of environmental accountability today!

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Top Employer Award

EP® Employer is an accolade for those who set industry benchmarks, fostering a harmonious balance between professional growth and ecological responsibility. Nominate the organization that epitomizes environmental leadership in the world of employment today!

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Community IMPACT Award

The Community Award spotlights and celebrates those transformative initiatives and concepts that have reshaped our approach to environmental challenges. This award celebrates the fusion of creative solutions and science by recognizing ideas that have bridged imagination with IMPACT. Nominate an innovation that has sparked change in your community!

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