Call for Speakers

ECO IMPACT 2024 welcomes influential voices from the environmental sector. Engage with trailblazers, learn from their expertise, and be inspired by their stories. Join us for enriching dialogues and impactful insights.

Call for Speakers

At ECO IMPACT, we believe that knowledge and experience sharing is one of the most effective ways to drive environmental progress. Our learning series provides a platform for experts across Canada to collaborate and discuss their research in a collaborative environment. By doing so, attendees can gain valuable insights from each other’s expertise and learn new techniques and strategies to help positively impact their work.

The learning series also offers an opportunity to present topics based on your own personal experiences or research. The event includes topics such as green technologies, Indigenous and ESG barriers, how to leverage downturns and dominate by 2024, as well as policy advancements related to sustainable development goals, energy transitions, and circular economy.

If you are interested in speaking at the 2024 ECO IMPACT event, please submit your abstract before the December 15 deadline. 

Learning Series

At this year’s learning series, we will be featuring three main themes for speakers to choose from:

  • Innovation and Future Trends (blue)
  • Sustainability in Governance & Policy (green)
  • Human Resources & People Analytics (red)

The series will also include four different session formats:

  • Keynote Lectures (60 minutes)
  • Regular Sessions (90 minutes)
  • Panel Sessions (90 minutes)
  • Workshop Sessions (up to 180 minutes)

Each session type is designed to facilitate an engaging dialogue between speakers and attendees, with 15 minutes reserved for discussions and questions.