Umme Abiha

Professor, Director, Centre for Environmental Education | Royal Roads University

Abiha is an inquisitive soul who discovered that life’s greatest treasures don’t always come knocking; sometimes, you must seek them yourself. Her journey into the world of AI & Analytics was sparked by an intriguing question: “Why are the sales of ice-creams more in winter than in summer?” Six years down the winding path of data, she is a first principles thinker, a strategic wizard, and a transformation catalyst helping science-tech organizations and corporate functions. She is currently following her passion as an Environmental Project Manager leading the Zero-Emissions Vehicle Awareness Initiative, funded by Natural Resources Canada.

She is more than just numbers; a theater enthusiast who finds her muse on the stage and a nature lover who seeks solace in the great outdoors. Yoga is her sanctuary, and social development is her cause.

What truly ignites her spirit is connecting with people and unveiling the unique stories they carry. Beyond data and strategy, she is passionate about interaction and exploration. Feel free to reach out to her because, in conversation, we can create magic, share insights, and make the world a little brighter.