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Are you seeking a unique platform to showcase your commitment to environmental sustainability and reach a highly engaged audience of industry leaders, experts, and enthusiasts? Look no further!


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Are you looking for ways to unlock high-level brand exposure in the environmental sector? Then look no further. Set yourself apart from the competition, show your commitment to a sustainable future — become an ECO IMPACT sponsor.

Staying consistent with our values and missions, our conference theme is Retrofitting the Workforce: Empowering Environmental Innovation where we will focus on real-world solutions and discuss the following topics through 16 learning sessions and four workshops:

Innovation and Future Trends

Gain invaluable insights into the latest breakthroughs and advancements in environmental technology, policy, and practice. From the adoption of clean energy sources to the integration of artificial intelligence and data analytics, we will delve into the transformative potential of emerging technologies and their impact on environmental sustainability.

Sustainability in Governance and Policy

These sessions delve into the challenges, opportunities, and innovative solutions at the intersection of sustainability, governance, and policy.

Human Resources and People Analytics

We will explore the transformative power of people analytics in driving sustainable workforce strategies. With a focus on leveraging data-driven insights, these sessions aim to equip HR professionals and sustainability leaders with the tools and knowledge to optimize their human capital practices.

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