ECO IMPACT 2024: Canada’s Premier Environmental Event

Join us in Calgary for a transformative experience. Engage with industry pioneers, celebrate environmental milestones, and drive the environmental conversation forward.

Why Attend?

This annual conference is more than just Canada’s premier environmental event – it’s a movement. It offers a transformative experience where industry pioneers come together to celebrate environmental milestones and drive the environmental conversation forward.

What you can gain from attending ECO IMPACT 2024:

The conference features thought-provoking sessions, interactive workshops, and a diverse group of speakers, providing a comprehensive platform for award recognition and professional development.

Additionally, the event fosters innovative discussions and offers a unique and dynamic networking experience through speed mentorship sessions, allowing participants to connect with seasoned professionals and experts in the environmental field.

Speak & Inspire

We’re thrilled to announce that our lineup of speakers for the ECO IMPACT event is now complete! Join us and get excited to be a part of an inspiring gathering featuring experts in green technologies, conservation projects, and environmental advocacy. We can’t wait to see you there, ready to engage and be part of the impactful conversations shaping our sustainable future.

2024 Learning Series: Retrofitting the Workforce

Delve into pivotal topics:

  • Navigating Future Environmental Trends
  • Championing Sustainability in Governance & Policy
  • Advancing HR & People Analytics in Environmental Sectors

Our sessions foster interactive discussions, offering a platform for environmental innovation and collaboration.


Immerse yourself in a unique and dynamic networking experience at ECO IMPACT through our innovative Speed Mentorship sessions. Designed to maximize meaningful connections, Speed Mentorship is a fast-paced, engaging opportunity for participants to connect with seasoned professionals and experts in the environmental fields.

How It Works:

Participants will have the chance to engage in a series of brief, one-on-one sessions with a diverse group of mentors, each bringing a wealth of experience and expertise. The format is simple yet powerful: every few minutes, participants rotate to a new mentor, creating a dynamic and efficient environment for knowledge exchange.

What to Expect from the Speed Mentorship:

  • Diverse Perspectives: Connect with mentors from various backgrounds, including environmental science, conservation, sustainable business practices, policy advocacy, and more.

  • Personalized Insights: Receive personalized advice, guidance, and insights tailored to your interests and aspirations within the environmental sector.


  • Expand Your Network: Build meaningful connections with mentors who can provide valuable support, share experiences, and open doors to new opportunities in the field.

  • Collaborative Exchange: Engage in a collaborative and open dialogue, discussing key challenges, industry trends, and potential solutions.


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