Libby Price

Senior Environmental Analyst | Silvacom

Libby, a Senior Environmental Analyst at Silvacom, brings a wealth of expertise and a decade of experience to the forefront of environmental stewardship. She completed her undergraduate degree in Economics at McGill University before pursuing a Master of Environmental Management degree at the University of New Brunswick. Her academic pursuits culminated in a thesis that involved an in-depth analysis of the Price Edward Island Alternative Land Use (ALUS) program, showcasing her commitment to innovative solutions for balancing ecological preservation and economic considerations.  

With an unwavering passion for environmental sustainability, Libby has dedicated ten years of her professional life to Silvacom, where she has collaborated with diverse subject-matter experts and stakeholders on numerous projects relating to ecosystem services, wildfires, carbon accounting, and natural resource management.  

In her spare time, Libby spends most winter weekends at the ski hill with her family. In the summer, she enjoys hiking in Kananaskis with her two young children.  These outdoor experiences offer her a real-world connection to the environmental issues she passionately advocates for.  

As a panellist, Libby’s multifaceted background, from academic excellence to hands-on experience, positions her as a compelling voice in discussions surrounding the intersection of economics and environmental conservation. Attendees can anticipate gaining valuable insights into sustainable practices and innovative approaches to addressing environmental challenges from Libby’s wealth of knowledge and commitment to a more resilient future.