Kimberley Burfoot

VP of Finance & Operations | ECO Canada

As ECO Canada’s VP of Finance and Operations since January 2022, Kimberley oversees ECO’s Employer Services program and the internal functions supporting ECO’s programming.

Kimberley studied Finance at the University of Manitoba and holds a Certified Professional Accountant (CPA) designation and a Non-profit Management
certification from Mount Royal University. She brings 25 years of experience to her role at ECO, including 16 years as a Regional Controller with TC Transcontinental and 6 years as the Executive Director of the Alberta Motor Transport Association. Key accomplishments include building a 20,000 sq ft training facility for commercial drivers to train and test autonomous and hydrogen-fueled heavy vehicles and the integration of several large manufacturing operations after acquisition.

Kimberley’s goals as ECO’s VP of Finance and operations include maximizing the effectiveness of internal operations, contributing to strategic objectives, and developing strategies and processes to help achieve ECO’s vision of building the world’s leading environmental workforce. In her spare time, Kimberley studies Horticulture at the University of Saskatchewan and volunteers at various environmental and animal welfare organizations.  She also enjoys hiking and cycling with her family and many pets.