Tara Seitz

Workforce Planning Manager | Arcadis

Tara Seitz is a natural born Neophyte – loving change for the sake of change. This ‘condition’ has provided her with life-long exposure to people’s aversion to the unknown and unfamiliar. It’s this personal understanding of resistance that has made her the successful organizational Change Manager that she is.

Tara is a Geotechnical Engineer and has a Bachelor’s degree in GIS, certificates in Technical Writing, Lean & Continuous Improvement, Quality Management, and Coaching. She is a Prosci Certified Change Management Practitioner as well as a Cultural Reinven on Practitioner, and member of the Association of Change Management Professionals. Tara has presented, facilitated, and moderated at conferences all over North America sharing over 20 years of experience in revolutionary and evolutionary adaptations.

Knowing you might ‘resist’ striking up a conversation with her (that’s a change management pun if you didn’t know), Tara offers a variety of personal openers for your convenience. Ask her about riding a camel in the Sahara Desert, jumping out of her first airplane ride, summiting Mount Kilimanjaro, and navigating some thrilling Class 4 rapids across Canada. She’s always ready to chat.