Kevin Nilsen

President & CEO of ECO Canada

Kevin Nilsen rejoined ECO Canada in September 2016 to commence the role of President & CEO of the organization. Kevin started his career in leadership as an officer in the Norwegian Army before moving to Canada in 2000. After graduating from University of Calgary, Kevin worked 7 years for ECO Canada, most recently as Director of Professional Services.

During his absence from ECO Canada, Kevin managed large global offshore oil and gas projects for Aker owned companies. The experience in the energy sector gave him great exposure to clients and stakeholders in Europe, Asia, and USA. During this time, he was first based in Norway and subsequently in Houston, TX. As a key highlight, Kevin led the development of a cutting edge Riser Gas Handling tool that ensures a safer and more environment friendly drilling process.

At ECO Canada, Kevin was responsible for the establishment of the Canadian Centre for Environmental Education (CCEE). He was also instrumental in the launch of regional networking events across the country, the growth of EP certification, and academic partnerships.

Throughout his career, Kevin has always had an unprecedented commitment to clients. In his role as CEO, Kevin’s key focus is to ensure that ECO Canada’s products and services align well with industry, government, and academic stakeholders.