Top Employer

It’s time to vote for the 2024 ECO Top Employer Impact award winner! The Top Employer Award recognizes and celebrates organizations operating in the environmental sector in Canada that exemplify an outstanding commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainability through their employment practices.  These organizations set a high standard for environmental management and serve as role models for the industry.

Award Nomination Criteria

Organizations that employ at least one certified member and organizations who have obtained the EP Employer designation are eligible to be nominated for an ECO Impact Award by the public or one of their employees/clients, provided they meet the following criteria:

  1. The certified member(s) under their employ are in good standing / their EP Employer designation is in good standing, meaning they are up to date on payment and annual / term requirements
  2. Have not been nominated in the Community Impact Award category
  3. The organization has made a positive contribution to the sector over the last 2 years. Examples of positive contributions include a positive environmental impact or initiative led by the organization.
  4. The organization can demonstrate alignment with the EP Employer and ECO Canada values

Note: Employees of nominated companies are not eligible to vote.

All nominated organizations will be asked to submit a summary of how their organization meets criteria #3 and #4 above in addition to a 3-5 minute video in support of their nomination.

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