In 2002 Carol Crowe started her own company, Indigenous Visions Inc., an environmental training and consulting business.

Carol is a certified ECO Canada Environmental Professional (EP), a National Heritage Interpreter, and has diverse experience in indigenous education from a university classroom to the field.

To date Carol has trained over 400 Indigenous Environmental Monitors across Canada with the ECO Canada BEAHR programs. Focused on working with grassroots communities bridging traditional knowledge and western science to find was to reduce impacts to lands, waters, soil, and air, while protecting indigenous knowledge and sacred places, she also teaches Land Use Planning, Climate Change Adaptation, and Leadership Energy Management, to assist communities as they build capacity to pursue sustainable projects. Carol Crowe, an avid volunteer with theĀ  Board of Directors for Friends of the Park of Prince Albert National Park, and with her family for the Wildlife Rehabilitation Society of Saskatchewan. She is an Alumni of the Governor General Study Conferences.

She resides with her husband and family in the transition zone from the prairies to the boreal forest at Christopher Lake, Saskatchewan.