Michelle Berg

Strategy Director | Elevated HR

Michelle Berg’s goal is to make work suck less – both for the employer and the employee. She is the Chief Visionary Officer of Elevated HR where she helps over 100 different companies across North America by focusing leaders on creating experiences that matter rather than overthinking tired HR policies and procedures. Elevated supports engagement, recruitment, onboarding, performance management, compensation, development of training curriculum as well as saying goodbye to team members.

With over 22 years of Human Resources experience, and a global pandemic, Michelle claims to pretty much have seen everything as it relates to people – and she is loving the shift in attitudes workers have right now in terms of boundaries and workload. It means those employers who know how to pivot when it comes to their people planning will be the ones to maintain the competitive advantage.  Michelle has her certified practitioner in HR (CPHR) certification in Canada as well as her SHRM-CP certification for the US. She also is in the final stages of completing her Master’s of Psychology, in which she has gained a deeper understanding of burnout and proactive mental health issues in the work force.