Robert Lacey

President | Delta Remediation

Robert Lacey is the Founder and President of Delta Remediation. From an early age, Robert has been mindful of both economic opportunities and environmental sustainability. Through innovation and cooperation, Robert has developed strategies to handle waste streams and pollution at the source.

With a background in Construction, Industrial Recycling, and Waste Management Robert desires to create “Triple Net” businesses meaning business transactions with a high value proposition for both the company and the client, but at no expense to the environment or society. It is Robert’s personal goal to leave things better than we found them.

Innovation and collaboration are two key components that have allowed Robert to grow Delta Remediation from a small service-based business with one environmental solution into a technology company that is now providing a suite of environmental products and services to clients in four continents.

Robert’s skill sets in Project Management, Business Development, and Corporate Governance allow him to confidently lead research and project teams to successful project completion.