Sonja Leverkus

Founder & Ecosystem Scientist | Shifting Mosaics Consulting

Dr. Sonja Leverkus is the founder of Shifting Mosaics Corporation, Shifting Mosaics Consulting, and Northern Fire WoRx Corp. based in Fort Nelson BC.  She holds a PhD in natural resource ecology and management with specialization in pyric herbivory, landscape ecology, and prescribed fire.  She is an Environmental Professional, Registered Professional Forester, Registered Professional Biologist, Professional Agrologist, and she is a Burn Boss and Ignitions Specialist.  Dr. Leverkus was born and raised on cattle ranches in the porcupine hills of southern Alberta and in the east kootenays of BC.

She has a BSc from McGill University, BA from the University of Victoria, and a PhD from Oklahoma State.  She is also an adjunct professor at the University of Alberta in the Wildfire Analytics Lab.  Her passion for the land and all its inhabitants drive her to provide effective, efficient, ecologically and culturally appropriate  natural resource management opportunities from strategy to implementation for all her clients and her team.  Check out: and for more information.