Stephnie Watson (they/them)

Sole Proprietor | Sherlock & Watson Scientific

Stephnie Watson (pronouns: they/them) has a Master’s in Environmental Science and holds an Environmental Professional designation for Research & Development as well as Communications & Public Awareness with ECO Canada. They have been working the contract/term/gig economy for 20+ years and have a sole proprietorship called Sherlock & Watson Scientific.

They volunteer with various organizations and have also been a municipal and federal election candidate to advocate for environmental, social and economic changes that are needed to deal with many of the systemic issues equity-seeking individuals face on a daily basis. Stephnie is a member of the 2SLGBTQIAP+ community and has several learning disabilities. These unique intersections have provided them with challenges and have also allowed them to explore, learn and educate others in how to make the scientific community spaces and content created more accessible and inclusive.